Welcome back to the Visualization for Machine Learning Lab!

Week 8: Final Project Group Formation and Brainstorming


  • Homework 3 is due TONIGHT (3/15) at 11:59pm
  • Homework 2 grades have been posted, please direct any questions about your specific grade to Rithwick (rg4361@nyu.edu)

Project Proposal Workshop

  • For your project proposal, you will be asked to analyze an existing research paper relevant to your topic
  • This paper will act as a “baseline” for you to compare your work to

Analyzing a Research Paper

  • In groups of 2-3, find a research paper relevant to your interests and discuss the following questions:
    • What were the main novel contributions?
    • Is the work general and reusable or a special case? If it’s a special case, could you expand upon this work to make it more general?
    • Are there flaws or neat details in that they did?
    • How does it fit with other papers on similar topics?
    • Does it provoke good questions on further or different things to try?
  • NOTE: You will not be tied to the paper (or people) you pick now for your actual project, but if you want to do the custom project you can absoultely start on that today